Initiative 502 in Washington is getting personal – Pseudo Legalization or Pseudo Prohibition?

I have had a lot of conversations with NORML and the ACLU in Washington about Initiative 502, and the negative provisions in the initiative.   I detail my opposition to the initiative, and I call out one of the agitators on the pro-I502 side and point out how she is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I sent this gal a free shirt in 2010, and I have stood up for her in Facebook arguments, but she now says that I have always been mean to her.
I pointed out where she is wrong.  She has censored me about I502, and we had a disagreement, but every other conversation we got a long just fine.

In the end of this, I thank NORML for what they do, by sending a monthly donation to NORML of $4.20

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