International Herb – Culture

We love Reggae Sunsplash. This looks like Reggae Sunsplash, but I have no idea where it’s from and the description of the video at YouTube doesn’t say anything about where this is from.

My daughters typically get fussy unless reggae is on the radio, its cute.   We can be listening to country, or rap, or rock..  No matter what it is, if our youngest gets fussy, the only thing to sooth her is some Damian Marley, or Lutan Fyah, or Cocoa Tea and of course Bob, Tosh, and all the old goodie roots reggae.

One of these days Im going to compile my research and do a religious sermon on the Rasta movement.  This is an interesting history that goes back 2000+ years.  I have been putting together this research for a long time.  It’s something that doesn’t get included in our history books, just like so many other significant historical moments.

Bless up!

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