Is cannabis (aka Marijuana) the cure for cancer?

Growing research points to a new cure for cancer.  Believe it or not, the once demonized herb cannabis (also known as marijuana or ganja) is being proven to be an effective treatment for cancer.

In a number of well accredited studies many forms of cancer has been shown to slow or be cured by non-other than cannabis!

I recently have been researching cancer because my father has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  I have known people to be treated with chemo therapy, and radiation and their quality of life severely decreases, they get sick, they lose their appetite and a number of other negative side effects develop as a result of their highly toxic treatments.

While looking into these treatments I have found that cannabis has been getting a lot of attention in the treatment of cancer.  Not only for increasing appetite and decreasing pain and discomfort, but also in actually fighting the cancer cells themselves!

These studies are not in any major dispute.  After all they come from leading researchers and scientists from well accredited universities such as Harvard and UCLA.

Since I am no scholar or scientist in these fields I believe it is best to leave the analysis up to the reader.  So please do some research on your own.  I encourage you to critique the research that I have found on this subject as well.

Ryan Thompson
xCannabis editor


Anju Preet, PhD, a Harvard University researcher

SETH  (Scientists Exploring Truth in Healing)

The BBC (cancer fighting agent THC) (Cannabis fights brain tumor cells)

Also visit and watch the documentary Run From The Cure.

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