Is marijuana activism about money?

I got so mad today when I was posting on a blog today and the blog owner/moderator person edited my signature (which linked to this site, but just text no actual link), and removed an entire post about how cool the new (free) dispensary software is.  He wrote me and told me “gotta pay the pony if you want to advertise here”.

I got a little pissed first about the signature, because it leads to  and we are truly a no-profit/not-for-profit entity.
Just like which I have owned for 9 years and NEVER have I sold ad space on there.  Never will.  Same with   Those sites are things that I dont want polluted with money and transactions, etc. gets over 35,000 visitors per month, and over 100,000 page views a month.  At least that was the averages from last year.   But I have no intention of commercializing those sites.

I hope someday that will pay for itself.  But that day may never come, and for over a year now, I have sunk thousands of dollars building and advertising this website.  Plus the countless hours driving and protesting all over “The Zion Curtain”.  But I do this because I love it.  Not because I expect to make money.

Making Money with Marijuana
Making Money with Marijuana

I looked at the ad prices for this site (these numbers may give it away for some); $500 to $20,000.

I thought to myself  “I would much rather advertise on or”.  I mean both those sites get a high amount of traffic, and at least I have saw those people around.  Plus their advertising is way less expensive.

I have never heard of this particular website ever before in my life.   However they are wildly popular (probably because of how obvious and clever their name is).  Its so obvious, it would be like looking for a shoe, and typing in the word “shoe” in google.   You would find were looking for.  Its that obvious.

But anyway, I wrote the guy back and I got a little snippy with him.   Telling him, that Im just too poor to advertise after a big year of protesting, and contributing time and money to marijuana law reform.  His prices are too much.  And, my “product” is free.

But then I realized “I would love to make money with marijuana myself”.   The thought of using this wonderful plant to sustain my life and the life of those around me.  To me that is beautiful.  Just the idea.

So I can’t hold it against them too much.  I just wonder why they are so popular, and I’ve never even heard of them.  After 15 years of going to shows and rally’s, why have I never saw this website, or this person?    They don’t seem to support any of the major political activism groups, or any of the festivals like HempFest.

Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong.    But I can understand wanting to make a profit off of this market.  And that’s a good thing.  If our culture is making legit money from marijuana in some way.  I think that is 10 steps forward in our movement.  Which is why we are utilizing our skills to build and strengthen cannabis businesses.

Good job cannabis businesses, thanks for all you do!

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