Is Reverend Bud speaking prophecy back in the 90’s?

Back in 1991, this brother “Reverend Bud” was on some right wing nut job talk show host (obviously not as successful as some of these guys, but he has all of the key ingredients).   This “Wally George” fella is like Rush Limbaugh’s wanna be side-kick.

Check this out:


This Wally guy tried to make a fool out of “Reverend Bud” by telling him that we won the Iraq war, and that “Reverend Bud” was wrong about Iraq turning into another Vietnam.

Sorry Wally, Iraq has been another Vietnam since 1990, and it still is bucko!

Does this mean that Rev. Bud is speaking in prophecy?   That’s more of an accurate prophecy than any of these “modern day prophets” of today.   I can’t recall anything that some modern day prophet has been right on.  Some of these “modern day prophets” have given up on prophecy all together!
But not Reverend Bud!  How could he have been so right so long ago?   Hmmm..

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