Is there a key that someone needs to see logic in theism?

I was reviewing some libertarian videos and I came upon some great challenges from Penn Jillet on the topic of faith, and honesty, and crazy beliefs and how they play a role in the 2012 elections.

Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

He’s right. He doesn’t have the key in my opinion. Is that what it is? Something that unlocks the knowledge? Some missing link?
I used to say these same things as a teen that Penn says in this presentation.. I was agnostic for most of my life. But I guess I found the missing link.
He talks about a lot of ‘facts’ that I disagree with the accuracy of. For example “Atheists represent the largest movement in America, because Christians are so drastically divided”.
Really? 20% of the USA is atheist? 8% at the lowest?
I see it this way. Yeah, Christians are severely divided no doubt.
However, Republicans are severely divided, democrats are severely divided pick a football club vs. pick another football club and they are severely divided.
But atheists are also divided. Their doctrines, theories and beliefs differ greatly. Agnostics are reasonable and basically say in a very scientifically minded way “I don’t believe in a deity, because I have no evidence that one exists. I also don’t have evidence that a deity doesn’t exist”. Atheists in a very unscientific and impossible position say “there is no deity and I am sure of it”.
That is a pretty drastic divide. And I will often find some self proclaimed atheists that are more like agnostics, yet most agnostics that I know are very different from atheists. Humans divide to try to find importance and self esteem. Its a mob mentality thing that like Penn, I do not agree with.

When I started receiving the missing link(s), I was looking at death just about every day from being homeless.   While I was homeless I got stabbed, I got beat unconscious once (over 30 stitches in my face), I ODed on IV drugs and almost died.  So I did a lot of searching daily for the possibility of an after life.  I think I was hoping for one the whole time, and I was skeptical because I knew too much suffering to believe in an almighty God.  But the more I searched, and studied, the more I found.   Its not that I hadn’t searched and studied before, because my grandfather was very religious and later in their lives after partying and being reckless for many years my parents also became religious.  They were all Mormons, and in fact I believe there is now 7 generations of Mormons on my father’s side.
I rejected the LDS church, even after and even more so because I studied these ancient books, cultures and practices.
The LDS church and the church of Scientology fit into the same or similar category in my opinion.   I’m also not a member of any other religion.  I just believe what I believe, and I am also an ordained minister.  But I don’t have a congregation of tithe payers, nor am I looking for one.  But I like to follow the clues and facts where-ever they lead me.  I have not been impressed with any religious organization, though I attended several Baptist churches.  I was baptized by a Pentecostal minister in the Provo River (with the spring melt-off in the river).   I really am just interested in a personal relationship and personal studies.   I have made a lot of videos that I share my finding, incase anyone is interested and wants to discuss the topic with me.  However the one thing that I don’t do or plan on doing is going door to door and proselytizing.  Its been a real nice opportunity to own a retail store when we have had time to, because I have gotten a lot off different perspectives on the topic.   I think consideration that on is important for people (me) to grow /evolve/adapt, is to consider the possibility that other possibilities may have more clues to the puzzle and that they can’t expect to be 100% right.
Lord knows Ive done a lot of growing in my thought process and education.  My relationship with the deity (whatever the official name) has been much more peaceful and rewarding than being tied into an organization.

Im not a big fan of dogma either way, whether it is from theism or from non/anti-theists.  So I just will keep on keeping on with my personal walk.

Bless up!

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