It is almost St. Patty’s Day, and the dawning of Emerald Sun

We are very excited to be opening Emerald Sun tomorrow. 
I also want everyone to be well aware, that we do not sell cannabis at all, please don’t ask.
I have spoken about how I would like to open up a co-op.  Well, that idea is still being considered.  It’s a fragile subject, that needs much consideration.
Meanwhile we will be selling the following.

  • Custom made hoodies, pants, shorts  (made in Washington, by us)
    Custom designed and printed t-shirts (made in Washington by us also)
    Custom pillowed bags that we call “The Dope Duffal”, this were a hit at hempfest last year (also made by us in Washington)
    Custom designed and printed skateboard decks.   We will sell complete skateboard kits and we will screen print YOUR design on it, or you can choose from some of our custom designs.  (we are still waiting for this order to come in, it will be here next week)  Our first order are for Canadian Maple blanks, that are size 7.5.  Medium concave, 51mm wheels, and pro-trucks.
    We also have these custom stickers that you can come by and pick up for free (or send us two bucks and we’ll send you one)
  • Send a $2 donation to this paypal account; email:, Or use this button.

  • BTW-  As far as I know it, this little saying “Kiss me Im Irie” is unique.  I searched all over google for something like it, but I came up empty handed.
    I have a bunch of these sayings being put on stickers and shirts, and I do a good google search each time to make sure Im not violating copy rights laws, and so that my sayings are unique.   But I can’t guarantee that no one else has used this concept, but to the best of my knowledge this is unique, and we have a copyright on our particular design.

So come in and see us, visit for more details!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

Here is a good video I found about the Irish in America

Flogging Molly

Im not Irish, Im Welsh and English American.   But I love the story and struggle of the celtic people.

Cha sgeul-rùin e ‘s fios aig triùir air

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