Its not called The Zion Curtain for nothing!

I was protesting today in Springville Utah today and I was arrested. It was during the Art City Days parade, and since I didn’t get my permit for my megaphone, I left that in the car and walked around with my sign.
After they handcuffed me, I yelled “This is my first Amendment Rights that you are violating”. Which got me a charge of “disorderly conduct” (I think, as they were not very clear). Which is a class C misdemeanor.

I have a court date coming up, and I am going to seek council from an attorney that specializes in civil rights.
I am trying to raise money for that as we speak. Please consider buying a tshirt from to help the cause here in Utah.
Also since I have a mandantory court appearance that I need to stay in Utah for, I will continue to protest.

I will continue to protest in Springville, because I have First Amendment Rights and I will not agree to give those rights up!


Its not called The Zion Curtain for nothing!

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