Jack Herer on the Marijuana Monkeys

I did a broadcast back in May when we lived in Idaho.  Its the broadcast that I have stored at Ustream.tv from the end of May 2009.

In the middle of that broadcast, I mentioned this marijuana/monkey study that was done in the 70’s.  Where they decided to show that marijuana was harmful by forcing 30 blunts worth of high grade Columbian marijuana down these monkey’s lungs every day causing them to atrophy in approximately 90 days.  Some experienced even greater marijuana injection up to 63 blunts in 5 minutes.

Monkey Marijuana Study
Marijuana monkey study

I couldn’t find this study on the internet anywhere, but I knew that I had saw it somewhere.
When I was at the CHANGE dispensary, I found it in Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears No Cloths

So I made copies to link to the blog and to share via my next vlogcast which is tomorrow at 6pm PST.

Here are the links to the study, these images are used via the Fair Use copyright act.



Im glad I finally found the links, it was embarassing that I was broadcasting about this, and I hadn’t gotten my sources rounded up.
After looking on the internet for 20 minutes, and not finding it.  This was a relief!  Im posting this up so that others may have access to it.
I suggest taking what I have here and posting it on your website as well!

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