Judge Finds Medical Marijuana Patient Guilty

Judge Finds Medical Marijuana Patient Guilty in Pot-Growing Case
Kitsap Sun

According to the  Kitsap Sun a valid, card holding medical marijuana patient has been charged with a felony for growing his medicine!

This is appalling that this judge is playing doctor without the proper credentials.  Judge Anna M. Laurie has decided that she has what it takes to define medical needs and what constitutes proper usage of medicine in this case.

This will set an un-easy tone amongst other legitimate cannabis patients who also carry a state issued license to use cannabis.

Which then sets the mood for legal vs. illegal and what a patient should do.

Should a patient go to the doctor get properly diagnosed, pay for the visits, pay for the council and pay for the license, only to tip police off to the medication that they are using?

Or, should a person do what marijuana users have done for decades, and simply keep it to themselves?

As a patient of a debilitating condition in which I have been diagnosed and treated for over the last 16 years, I am having second thoughts on letting the un-trustworthy state know that medical marijuana relieves the pressure and pain of my highly painful headaches.

Are patients safe, or not?  That is the question.

Ryan Thompson
xCannabis.com editor

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