Just survived a fatal car accident that took place on 5/3/2013 in Medford Oregon

This is more information about this terrible accident.
I was hit by a drunk driver going the opposite way on South Bound I-5.
I was traveling southbound on the southbound I-5 freeway lane near exit 11 in Oregon, just outside of Ashland.

I was taken to the Rouge Valley Medical Center and I arrived about midnight.

On May 6th my shoulder was repaired by reconnecting the shattered bone in my rotator cuff. The ball splintered off, and they used non-metalic suchers to reconnect the bone together.
My tibia and fibula both busted (leg bones), and the doctor had to use a large plate and 15 screws to put my leg back together. He said it broke like a candy cane.

Dr. Richard Owens took his time and did an excellent job putting me back together. My right foot had several fractures and breaks in it as well, but it is splinted there was not much that they could do about it.

My mother in law and father in law are going to let our family stay with them while I am in recovery.

We are going to be ok.
Thank you everyone for being so good to me.  The paramedics, the state patrol, the ER folks, my nurses, the surgeons, the family and friends who have loved us, and the people at my work for going out of their way to be angels to me.

If you are interested in more of the story, you can read these articles.



I was driving the Ford Expedition.


More updates at:  http://youtube.com/xcannabiscom

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Thanks and bless up!

Love Reverend Ryan

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