Reverend Ryan updates

Alot has changed in the last week. We had planned on going to Idaho for Thanksgiving, but due to weather and other unrelated circumstances we had to stay in Washington. However I have a few updates. I am involved with creating a new business designed to help out Washington dispensaries with a time/date stamp for their reciepts, using freeware open source PHP/MySQL software for all point of sale applications. With the ability to use barcodes, scanners, and a touch screen. This is: (Emerald Point of Sales).    You can use a demo (as a sales clerk only) at:

Also, I have a hard time around this time of year.  I lost my best friend/youngest brother when he was 16 which was about 8 years ago.    Cherish your loved ones.  Life is short.  Too short.

Love you!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Rev.  Ryan

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