Knowing your “advocates” in Washington

A whole series of new pot advocates and advocate groups have popped up in Washington in light of the recent success of many many cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.  To list a few of them:


The strange thing here, is that this is a pretty tight nitched group comprised of pretty much the same 2 to 3 people.
This is clear when you read this article on the CDC:


One thing that I notice by browsing their websites, is that the WCA and the CDC both mention each other back and forth, and mingle together openly.   But one thing is also obvious, regardless that all 3 groups are comprised of pretty much the same leadership, only the WCA and CDC mention each other (at present, and for the past 4 months) on their websites.   But neither the WCA nor the CDC promotes the Sensible Washington group,  OR  I-1149.    Its also obvious that there is little mention of the CDC or the WCA on the Sensible Washington website.

In fact until this week, I didn’t realize how they were all directly connected because of what seems like an illusion that they are separate groups all together.


However you can see how they all work together, as the CannaCare forums do a great job of defining:


Cannacare, while they don’t support I-1149, they are very informative and sincere and in the last couple of weeks I have been paying a lot more attention to Steve Sarich, and I thoroughly enjoyed his recent testimony on SB 5073 in the house Ways and Means committee.  At first I thought that this group was just a bunch of pot business people who were opposed to legalization because of their self interests.  That may be the case to an extent, but I think everyone listed here has bias.  But the more I read what this group is about, Cannacare actually makes a lot of sense.   Washington NORML and others have negative things to say about CannaCare, but you also have to look at where NORML gets their funding.  They say NORML stands for “National Organization for Rich Marijuana Lawyers”.   Tell me, where do marijuana lawyers get their clientele when marijuana is legalized? I say ALWAYS follow the money!


As for who they all are.   I suggest doing a google search on each one of them, and see what is driving them.

I have drawn my own conclusions, but as it is obviously very complicated, I refer everyone to go ahead and draw their own conclusions of what is going on here.


I went to one of the meetings of the WCA/CDC/SW or whatever, and I got it all on film.  Please watch if you want to get a first hand POV on this.


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