Fare thee well, Rev Ryan from Washington

This is a few of the concerns that I have currently in Washington.  I am still a resident and I plan on coming back.
So first of all I wanted to post this about SB 5073 from April 22 2011.

I also wanted to share this, which is our farewell to Washington. I also talk about present day society vs. ancient society. My example is Washington state vs. Ancient Ireland. (I decided not to fix the audio issues. So if you pick up on those, it’s not your computer its the video. There are a few trouble spots)

Also this is an update about SB 5073 from the governors office:
RE: http://www.tokeofthetown.com/2011/04/governor_set_to_veto_dispensary_part_of_medical_ma.php

The Washington state Senate gave final passage Thursday to a bill to regulate medical marijuana cultivation and sales, setting up a likely showdown with Gov. Christine Gregoire, who opposes provisions for state employees regulating a system of medicinal cannabis dispensaries.

Yup, this is what I’ve been saying the whole time.

Feb: http://xcannabis.com/2011/04/like-ive-been-saying-leave-the-state-employees-out-of-it/

The problem here is that since January SB 5073 intended to gut Section 301, and heavily regulate and tax dispensaries. This has been the #1 and #2 thing spoken about in EVERY hearing so far.

Section 301 removes the exclusive protections that doctors get currently with 69.51a. The limitation of dispensaries will drive prices (and tax revenue) up because with less competition the free market can’t work in favor of patients. Spokane would go from having over 40 dispensaries to having less than 24 dispensaries.

I encourage everyone to read the CURRENT Washington code, and then compare it to what is being proposed now.


In its initial release at the first of this year it was bad as well. It wasn’t gutted, so much as it only got worse. This bill has never been about protecting patients, its been about limiting dispensaries, and giving control to the industry via an expensive tax structure.

In the “Original Bill” section 301 started off by crossing out provisions for doctors in current like. This lingo was crossed out of current law from the get go:

“((A health care professional shall be excepted from the state’s
25 criminal laws and shall not be penalized in any manner, or denied any
26 right or privilege, for))”

Currently doctors are not included in the state law that offers penalties to doctors in regards to helping patient attain a recommend for medical marijuana. But the legislature started off with removing the exception to the law, and they crossed that lingo out (above).

You can see the original by going to this link.


Im not saying this bill is all bad, nor did it start out being ALL bad. But it only takes a few bad parts to make the whole law useless, and if patients do not have access to their medicine, because doctors are scared of losing their license over it, then it destroys current laws and protections for doctors and patients.

Why people like NORML EVER supported it is beyond me. ??

I posted this to Radical Russ from NORML in February about SB 5073

(part1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY35cNJ3-nw
(pat2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=438P3M5qyrM

This was made in April 2011 in response to NORML Kevin Oliver and ACUL’s Alison Holcomb (4/18/11):

So when Washington lobbyist groups like NORML say that it just recently got gutted. That is NOT true. They (the legislature and supportive groups) have been trying to gut 69.51a since this bill originally came out.  The proof is in the bill itself.

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