Law makers who mock patients in Washington

A lot of updates to report with Washington politics and laws regarding cannabis.
Both sides are currently under attack, the medical and the full legalization for adults sides.
I shouldn’t say “sides” because we are all fighting for freedom, and if we aren’t than we are confused.
But some (not all) medical folks like to separate themselves from full legalization, and I think that boat already left the dock. We are on to a more mature cannabis culture, one that doesn’t treat harmless plants like some kind of highly contagious disease that may be caught.


This is my report with an inclusion of some hearing from the Senate Ways and Means committee on the fiscal issues.

This is a doctor, his lawyer and a patient all testifying about the negative effects of this bill.


Here is an example of just how serious our law makers are about helping patients. Mock them, reduce their value. Paint them out to be lazy stoners that can’t afford their own pizza!


This is why I keep saying we need to fix this ourselves with a national initiative process.

Our facebook group “Cannabis For Cancer”

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