Lawyer retirement and protection program – SB 5073

Lawyer retirement and protection program – SB 5073 is the statements from activists and defense lawyers in Washington.


“?Douglas Hiatt says attorneys like him have a nickname for SB 5073, the gutted shell of a medical-marijuana reform bill that was passed in April then mostly vetoed by the governor. He says they call it the “lawyer retirement and protection program.””

I have broadcast on this several times, and I offered much resistance to the limitations that this bill put on freedom.
Aside from Doug Hiatt I received a lot of resistance from WA NORML, and Russ Belville gave a lot of unfounded support for SB 5073.   I was asking the whole time for just a little resistance to let the politicians know that their constituents were paying attention, but no resistance would be given while this bill was being heard.

This is my first critical broadcast of this bill in regards for NORML’s support:

This is my second broadcast on this in regards to the support given by WA NORML, National NORML, and Alison Holcomb of the ACLU.

I have supported NORML, and I love that there is a large group such as NORML fighting for patients rights, consumers rights, and mostly industrial hemp.   But giving 100% support for an AWFUL bill such as SB 5073 does not help anything in regards to cannabis rights, or personal freedoms.

I am disappointed by the fact that many groups failed to support I-1149 in Washington who claimed to be fighting for cannabis freedom.   Those who say they are in favor of “safe access” gave no money, no advertising on their media or websites, and no public support for I-1149.  I can count at least 5 different cannabis groups in Washington who FAILED at protecting consumers by not lending I-1149 any support.  Do a little research and you’ll figure out who they are.
There is no safer access than removing criminal penalties from cannabis!

I hope a more organized group arises and makes significant progress if this fails.  As I understand it, Sensible Washington only raised less than $30,000.   Where are the dispensaries who didn’t support I-1149 who will soon be completely out of business?   Where are the lawyers who say that they are in favor of protecting their clients, and ending prohibition?   Where are those making money off the cannabis industry?

Maybe the black market is a little too profitable.  Well keep your head low while more people are going to jail for this safe and god given plant!

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