Legalization opponent gets stung by prohibition

“Paul E. Ellis, 52, was described by detectives as eager and talkative when they approached him at his dispensary, Med Mar Dis, at 7604 E. Sprague Ave., last month. He showed them his marijuana, explained how he tracks his transactions with about 200 customers and invited them to his home to see his marijuana crop.”

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Med Mar Dis owner gets busted in Spokane

I have good sources who were working on I-1068 who mentioned that they spoke to this guy, and upon hearing more about what I-1068 was about refused to support it, because he claimed to “be against legalization”.

This story also fits in my Facebook group  “Dispensaries if you don’t support legalization, I won’t support you“.

Don’t get me wrong, this type of story is sad news, and no one should be getting raided for this harmless plant.  But how ironic, this guy is against legalization but then gets stung from prohibition.

When will they learn?!   Please look at the bigger picture.  More freedom for more people, is worth way more than this tiny little medical marijuana community.

Freedom is the bottom line for me.  I-1068 was absolutely beautiful too.  I-1068 was the most well designed laws I’ve read.

18 and under still had the same penalties as before I-1068, and adults over 18 can consume, distribute and cultivate cannabis.   Taxes apply on a retail level, just like buying sugar at the store.

Other than that, no restrictions for adults.   But some dispensary owners don’t support legalization.  One can only wonder why?

Similarly, Dennis Peron who wrote Califronia’s Prop 215 for medical marijuana and disputably owned the first cannabis club in LA, and certainly the most successful one.   But due to legal issues no longer runs a dispensary.  He is still a cannabis consumer but he says that ALL cannabis usage is medical.  There is no recreational.  It’s all medical.

More at this article: (Russ Belville on statements made by Dennis Peron regarding Proposition 19)

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