“Lets Make this the COOLEST Booth at HempFest!” Says Adam!

xCannabis.com has been planning to create a lounge for HempFest so that stashers and the alike have a place to cool down.

We are offering a pre-registration signup to help make this as Adam calls it “The COOLEST Booth at HempFest!”.

We are going to get two nice AC’s for people to cool out, with some video games and some munchies.

Prices at HempFest will be $2 at the door for regular 1 time pass. OR $5 for a one time pass and sack of munchies.

But for xCannabis members if you donate $10 or $20 now you will get a VIP pass to come and go as you please. Same as the above, except with a revolving door.

Which reminds me. Everyone who buys a $10 VIP pass, automatically donates $5 to NORML. And everyone who buys a VIP pass + munchies automatically donates $7 to NORML.

Sunshine at Hemp Fest
Sunshine at Hemp Fest

Last year the heat was in the mid 90’s and was HOT!

It was nice to sit in places like the Hemposium, but there was no AC, and no video games.

When Adam proposed to setup a video game lounge with AC, I thought “Damn, why didn’t I think of that!?”.. Good on Adam!

Adam proposed a lot of things, and most of his ideas we are implementing now. Adam also pitched in the first donation of $20!

Our goal is to raise money for both xCannabis and for NORML. ArtisticByNature.com (my wife’s company) has pledged up-to $500  to match a group donation of up-to $500. So if the sponsors of this xCannabis venue donate $500, we will match it! That will give us 2 booths for a cozy little HempFest lounge.

So that makes us $520 closer to our goal in just the last couple of hours!

Thanks Adam for taking the initiative!

xCannabis has donated $10 NORML out of our first donation of $20 from Adam! Which means we’ve already bought 125 ads for NORML’s ad campaign!

We hope to see you at HempFest 2009 SEATTLE !!!   Visit:   http://hempfest.org for more information.

Please understand that for now all plans are tenative! If we do create a lounge at HempFest for some reason, all donations will be directly donated to NORML in August.


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