Letter to the Editor, The Idaho State Journal response #2

I have been writing to all of the local newspapers in my area about marijuana law reform.  A few of the articles that I have written have been published in main stream media (Whatever main-stream means anyway..   This is Idaho!).

This is my response #2 to one of the articles that I wrote to the Idaho State Journal.   I feel very refreshed to know that at least one media company is doing their job, and actually reporting local news like this!  There are a few others out there, including channel 8 news.   They all know who they are, and thanks for being fair!  For online communities in Idaho Falls, I am still highly partial to the www.IdahoFallsToday.com blog, I feel like free speech is welcomed there, and that is very refreshing!
Here’s the latest vlog:



P.S.  Join NORML!

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