Leave the state employees out of it

This further illustrates why a people’s initiative that does not include state employees for overseeing a highly regulated market is so important on a state level.   But to address prohibition on a national/federal level, we need more direct representation to change federal law, which is why I support  the National Initiative for Democracy:  www.vote.org

When the state employees get appointed to cannabusiness jobs the threats start.

This is why I-1149 is the best choice by far in regards to protecting patients, and creating some sustainable jobs in the hemp industry.

This was a blog about HB 1550 from February where I voiced similar concerns about involving state employees in such a way.


Here is an update to the SB 5073 saga:

The top federal prosecutors in Washington sent a stern warning to Washington State that a medical-marijuana law passed by the legislature this week, which would license dispensaries and growers, could result in a wave of criminal charges against cannabis providers and even state employees. At the same time, in a mixed message, they telegraphed that the Obama Administration’s policy of tacitly permitting states with medical marijuana laws would proceed.      http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=102×4814850

“The Washington legislative proposals will create a licensing scheme that permits large-scale marijuana cultivation and distributions,” wrote US Attorneys Jenny Durkan and Michael Ormsby, respectively representing the Western and Eastern districts of Washington State, in a letter sent today to Governor Chris Gregoire. “This would authorize conduct contrary to federal law and thus, would undermine the federal government’s efforts to regulate the possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of controlled substances. Accordingly, the Department could consider civil and criminal legal remedies regarding those who set up marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries as they will be doing so in violation of federal law. … In addition, state employees who conducted activities mandated by the Washington legislative proposals would not be immune from liability…” including “criminal prosecution.”

The letter was sent in response to an inquiry from Governor Gregoire to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Read more: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/04/14/obama-adminstration-warns-it-may-prosecute-state-employees-if-gregoire-signs-medical-pot-law

Source: Seattle Times

Washington’s top federal prosecutors have threatened to crack down if the state goes forward with a proposal to legalize medical-marijuana dispensaries and growers, putting in jeopardy a bill that has already passed both chambers of the Legislature.

… Earlier this month, Ormsby, the U.S. attorney in Spokane, warned in a news release that “marijuana stores” are illegal and urged property owners who rent to medical-marijuana dispensaries to evict their clients or potentially face forfeiture actions.

“We are preparing for quick and direct action against the operators of the stores,” Ormsby wrote.

Read more: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2014777869_medpot15m.html

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