Local shout outs Spokane for April 2011

Local shout outs Spokane  for April 2011


1. Scott Shupe’s trial coming up April 12th, its on the calendar
(we love what Scott did for this community!)

2. Reggae Festival 4/20, its on the calendar  (signatures!!)
Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011
Where: 1107 W. Main Spokane WA
Description-Heads U Knighted- HIP HOP- REGGAE- DUBSTEP- An All Ages community event brining together all elements of music and Art to Spokane connecting all Vibes of great people in this town. 5 rooms of Great Music with the best Producers and Dj’s/Bands- U name it-U need it- U got it- ONE LOVE-

3. MHP’s first and last birthday celebration. This is what may be MHP’s last birthday celebration since the letter that recently came to their landlord from the DOJ.
This is also on the calendar

We are moving to California at the end of the month.   We will be back eventually, but it has been good to be here and to get to know people in Spokane.  We typically stay in the rural areas, but we have been in Spokane because we decided last year to move from Loon Lake into Spokane to help with Sensible Washington.

We have been blessed to meet people at the city council meetings.   People like Tim and Gina deserve our support and they are fighting a tough battle right now.
Scott Shupe, Chris Stevens, and so many who helped get Spokane rolling in the right direction deserve our support.

Please update yourself about local events at our calendar, and if you haven’t yet, sign up as a volunteer at  http://sensiblewashington.org/hq

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