Lo and behold, they want to reschedule cannabis

After discussing a topic with facebook friends and activists I learned that there is a growing desire to reschedule cannabis in Washington state.   I posted my opposition to this yesterday, because after having this idea myself in 2009 and collecting signatures on a petition to do just that, I have learned a lot of things about this process that has made me change my mind.

Now the CDC, Cannacare and other medical marijuana groups in WA are proposing rescheduling.
I thought it was entirely peculiar that so many people were talking about this all at once.
Well, read it and weap, cannabis is about to be changed forever as we’ve known it:

Here are my thoughts and at the bottom I will give you some research to consider:

  1. Rescheduling cannabis rather than removing it from the list, will NOT prevent MOST cannabis consumers from going to jail.
  2. Rescheduling cannabis in Washington will not over ride federal supremacy clause via Article VI, etc.
  3. This will open more doors to BIG pharma (not the little guys) for getting into the cannabis business, and leaving the rest of us out.
  4. Once big pharma is involved and once they put their money into cannabis, prohibition will not decrease, they will fight harder to keep it a schedule II, because it benefits them more.
  5. The US government already has dozens of patents on cannabis, and when it is rescheduled those patents will be more effective for them.  Meaning they will further OWN cannabis as opposed to now.   As a schedule I, those patents can’t really be utilized.  Under schedule II they can give their big pharma friends and contributors the rights to utilize those patents
  • I have known about the patent for neuroprotection and anti-oxidants for years now.
    US Patent 6630507
  • There are also many OTHER patents on cannabis:

If you are a supporter of these groups, please write them and explain to them how Big Pharma taking over cannabis is NOT what is good for the cannabis community!

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