Make Sense not wars. This message is for Springville City Utah

A letter that I wrote to the Springville City Council and Mayor:

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Dear City Council,

I grew up in Mapleton and Springville.  I went to school at Mapleton Elementary, and continued on through to Jr. High when my family moved temporarily. 
I finished High School in Spokane WA.   Later I returned to Springville after having our first child, and I opened up a small technical support business on Main St.
I operated Tech Pro Now / TP Networks @   1190 North Main St. #6 for about a year, and before that on 521 North Main Street for more than a year, and before that out of my home in Mapleton for several years. 
I have been employed by leading Software companies in Utah and Washington.  I am a self taught computer programmer.  I am most certainly not a drug addict or a bum.

However, I was treated very badly on June 12th 2010 by Springville’s police department.   My message was ending prohibition.  I also had a sign that displayed the scripture Genesis 1:29.

But I was not violent, there were no victims, no complainants, and no crime.  However I was arrested, my arms and wrists were hurt very badly from the way your officer Flores treated me.  My very expensive camera was broken, and all over me holding a sign that said “legalize it”.

So I have put a response to the recent video that has been displayed at on YouTube.

I would appreciate if you would review it.

This is my video response on YouTube.

Thanks for your time,
Ryan Thompson

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