Marijuana enters the medical dispensing industry with a strong presence MDBX

Since 2010 a little known company called MedBox Inc has entered the medical dispensing industry, and has just in the last few days MedBox Inc filed its Form 10 to become a fully reporting public company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  This is big news and also acted as a catalyst in the company’s stock price increase in the OTC market from about $20 to over $27 overnight.

The company’s approach is not new to medical dispensing.  In fact there are many companies that have been in to automated medical dispensing for a long time.

But what is difference about MedBox Inc is that not only are they entering the medical marijuana market with a strong presence, but MedBox Inc is also competing with some other very strong companies that are in the pharmacy automation industry for hospitals, long term care facilities, as well as jails and prisons.

On one hand I am excited to see some legitimacy in the market, and on the other hand I am disappointed by MedBox suing it’s competitors making MedBox Inc a company that I will likely not be investing in.

If money is the driving factor, rather than helping people in need.  Then you can consider me out.

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