Marijuana for Cancer (GLIOBLASTOMAS)

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This is Ryan Thompson the Chief Editor at xCannabis.  I wanted to tell you about my recent loss.  My father Richard Thompson recently died from GLIOBLASTOMAS brain cancer.  He was diagnosed in September, and he died in December of last year.

I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with him before he died.  He had other health problems and I was able to fly out to Utah several times from Tacoma Wa.

My father got very sick, very fast.  He had smoked tobacco for 43 years of his 66 years.  So he had lung complications, and other related issues.   He finally quit smoking 2 years before he died, but it was too late.

Up until he was 55, he was the absolute strongest man that I knew.  His small frame gave no clue to the strength in this man.

My dad was on the city planning commissions throughout his life, and gave his time and thoughts cheerfully to all that knew him, including neighbors.

During the end of his life I wanted nothing more than to save my father.  I had looked at treatments of all varieties including viral treatments.   (see this video).   He was disqualified for the viral treatment because he had already started radiation and chemotherapy.  Apparently according to a coversation that my mom had with the research firm, if the chemo and radiation come first, the treatment is non-effective.

All of this time I was running xCannabis and I had been making activist videos for marijuana law reform, and I started coming up with research that had  focused on  certain cannabinoids from the marijuana/cannabis plant on cancer.   Here is a list of those vidoes:

It became obvious to me that cannabis could very likely cure my father, and at least posssibly extend his life and give him a better quality of life.   He barely missed my 2nd baby being born!  Another 4 month or so is all I was realisticly hoping for, but no such blessing came.

I made several video commentaries on this research while I was struggling with my father’s condition and his passing.   Here are a few of them.

My dad had just recently rejoined the LDS church, and then worked towards the goal of being a “Temple Mormon” or a Mormon who makes personal oaths to their faith and receive special blessings, and then afterwards they wear special underwear to remind them of these oaths.
When you are at that level of Mormonism, you must follow what Mormon’s call “The Word of Wisdom”, which is made up of changing laws on what to eat and not eat, what to drink and not drink.   Currently they have a doctrine that you can’t drink caffeinated drinks (except hot chocolate seems to be acceptable).  At one time a person could not drink ANY caffeinated beverages.   But that changed when it was revealed that the LDS church owned major stock in CocaCola, so soda pop is now widely accepted in the LDS church.
Along with this law on beverages, there are also laws about alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, etc…

This caused a problem for my mission to cure my dad.  He was very dedicated to his faith, and apparently would rather die than break their covenants.  So marijuana was out of the question, even though marijuana is widely used to treat the horrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, including pain, nausea stress, anxiety  and depression.  Another issue that I know for a fact it helps with, is headaches because I was a patient of cluster headaches who legally used marijuana in Washington state, as recommended by a doctor.    At this time, my dad’s head was swelling from the tumor and created major headaches for him, and the treatments that he was on were causing him pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, etc..

Cannabis could have certainly improved my father’s quality of life and may possibly have extended his life.

I have been a little depressed over losing the man that I loved so dearly.  He was friend and my hero.

I dedicate this video to him.


He inspires me to get marijuana legalized, so patients no longer have to suffer!

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