Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol, so whats next?

So marijuana is safer than alcohol?

Does it take a t-shirt or a book to know that?

Not saying that spreading the word is wrong.  But people seem surprised by this simple fact?  Really?  Seriously?

The book  “Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?” by Mason Tvert? and Paul Armentano and  Steve Fox, was released in August of 2009.

Hello people.  I was broadcasting about this a lot longer before that book.  So were thousands of others.

This isn’t a new fact, its a new fad.  But wearing your t-shirt, or flaunting your book is only half the battle.   WTF are you actually going TO DO about it??

My campaign about this fact about marijuana being safer than alcohol started 10/09/2008 with this video

Marijuana vs. Alcohol by xcannabis

Since then, I have reaches millions with this message.

But I have also defeated stupid laws in court by getting restrictions on free speech nullified, and I have started a dozen or so cannabis businesses, and helped other people start their businesses.

Lets do something!  Arm chair activism only helps so much!

Start a business!  Make his emerging industry a reality!

There is MORE that can be done!  And, you can make a living from it!

Here is some information on getting started in the cannabis industries!  Sort of a startup guide.


Cannabis business money
Cannabis business

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