Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

There have been two campaigns in Maine working on getting signatures for legalization for the 2016 ballot.  In late October of 2015 the two campaigns “joined forces” and MPP’s campaign manager David Boyer took over the campaign that Paul McCarrier was leading.    Reference;  Pot Legalization Campaigns Join Forces on Merged Ballot Question Effort

Then this came; Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

MPP joined forces with the ACLU and took over the Legalize Maine campaign, and now they are working to destroy the campaign. They even hired an abortion activist to speak to the conference as the “Featured speaker”. To me, that seems counter productive to push an abortion activist in a VERY conservative state like Maine.

My guess is that they are doing what the ACLU did in Washington state with I-502. They are trying to squash the iniative that intended to bring GOOD law reform, so that they can come back and reintroduce a much more regressive initiative next year.

Mark my words, I doubt that this initiative will even get on the ballot in 2016. But in 2017, the ACLU and MPP will reintroduce a different initiative that is much more regressive.

Prior to October, there were TWO SEPARATE initiatives to “legalize cannabis” in Maine. And then MPP took over the other campaign.

Why? Like I said above, this is some dirty dealings like we have saw in the past in other states.

The ACLU did something very similar with the Sensible Washington campaigns in Washington state.  They played the whole “Divide and conquer” card, and came out publicly in opposition of the more liberal cannabis initiatives that would allow for more freedom, right before introducing their own initiative, that is called by many “Prohibition 2.0”.

The wording in the “CRMLA” campaign is some of the best “law reform” that I have saw at a state level, but now seeing that MPP has pirated the campaign, I expect to see it fail, and then to see MPP and the ACLU forge through in 2017 with a new and more restrictive campaign, that will appeal to their lawyer sponsors who rely on prohibition for an income.

Time will tell, but either way, I refuse to support any initiative that makes an abortion activist with only scant support for cannabis, their “Featured speaker”.

Learn more at
(do a search for ACLU, and do a search for New Approach Washington, to learn about what has happened at the hands of the ACLU in other states)


This is our report on the campaign’s “Marijuana Summit” on December 5th 2015 from the campaign summit meeting.

This was our radio show on December 5th 2015, after the summit.   I spoke about other aspects of legalization that makes more sense.
It is my opinion that prohibition is illegal, and in essence cannabis is already legal.

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