Marijuana Radio – Sign of the division

I have been doing a lot of radio shows recently about unity.  I have been more concerned than ever about the division in the cannabis community than ever before the past year, so I have decided to start broadcasting again.  I was doing a reggae show for a part of last year and 2009.  But I have gotten distracted with buying land in California, working on legalization in 3 states, starting  a new business and being a dad and all the other stuff. 
But with renewed need, and an invitation to do some interviews with Pastor Ray Christl I have put my heart back into doing radio again.

My motto is; when you can’t get media from traditional sources, MAKE YOUR OWN!

The one thing that we are lacking, is pro-equipment and software, advertising capitol, and guest hosts.  
We are very intersted in opening up our broadcasting network  (Sensi Life) to other broadcasters.

We love free speech and other points of view, and we think that uniting other broadcasters can really help strengthen the cannabis voice in the mainstream media culture.

I have been building for the last 4 years when I originally bought the domain, and it was originally intended to broadcast my thoughts to Utahans.  Now coming along, yet still in a beta stage, not quite ready for a full launch.   Before we officially launch, we would like to have at least 5 regular broadcasters.   I believe that I have at least 2 spots besides mine filled.  Pastor Ray Christl is on board, and I have to requests from Utah, one that I believe is already onboard, and I have had some interests from groups in Washington that promote legalization of cannabis.

We have a huge heart for Utah and we anxiously look forward to seeing more free expression being broadcast to that area.  There is a serious liberty issue in Utah, many issues.  I look forward to seeing the Zion Curtain free again some day.

We also have been reaching out to other marijuana radio stations and inviting them to our network.  I want to combine resources and talent to become very useful to the community that we serve and to liberty.

So far we do have a station setup at BlogTalkRadio and we will continue to use BlogTalk for now.  We have also setup SensiLife for a independent radio station that we will try to broadcast all of our network shows once we get that organized.  You can see that station here:

Listen to internet radio with xcannabis on Blog Talk Radio

Here are some recent interviews, and we talk a lot about unity in these. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Here is the show in it’s entirety from 12/3/10

You can see some of my shows at:

I have spoke about Unity in the last couple of interviews that I have done one other people’s shows.

I was the featured guest on this show. (1) (2) (3) <whole show)

My condolences to MJRadio.  I hope all of these radio hosts can work together in the future and we can all forge ahead!

End of the MJRadio Show:


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