Mark Shurtleff Utah’s Attorney General tempted to use marijuana

This is one of the most ground breaking things to happen to cannabis freedom in Utah since Brigham Young told Mormons to grow hemp in the 1860’s.  Mark Shurtleff Utah’s attorney general said that he is in favor of looking at medical marijuana legalization in Utah, but “under tight regulations”.
His interview with KSL’s Doug Wright made me sob today.  I lost my father who lived in Utah as was very Mormon, who also served with the army airborn like the man that Mark spoke about who went to Colorado from Utah to treat his cancer symptoms with cannabis.   I couldn’t help it.  I bawled, literally sobbed for 2 hours.  Thinking “if only my dad would have had access to this amazing plant”.

Cannabis is also known to cure cancer!
This is from the ABC channel 4:

“SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff tells ABC 4 that he was tempted to use medical marijuana during his cancer treatment and was even offered some by a friend.
Shurtleff is now cancer free but recently underwent several very painful rounds of chemotherapy.”

This is a broadcast that I edited of KSL’s Doug Wright interviewing Mark Shurtleff”:

You can download this to listen on your ipod or portable mp3 player also: - KSL News

See/hear the original interview @ KSL

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