Medical Marijuana targeted again!

It has been a long week with the Scott Shupe trial in Spokane.  Scott Shupe is a local hero for many, including myself who depended on Change after first moving back to the Spokane area, to obtain my much needed medication.
After getting to know Change, and seeing all of the activism and care that they are doing to help patients, my wife and I couldn’t sit back and not help, so we offered to make Change a website in trade for a small amount of meds.  We gave Change a HUGE discount as we believe in what they were doing.  Their message was important and we wanted to help get the word out.

It was obvious that there were not enough meds for the amount of patients who needed them, which prompted Change to find ways to help their patients get their meds.  This is what I believe ultimately led to the compromised position that Change found themselves in with the police.  But Change had done nothing more than try to help patients, and no one but the police were complaining.

Scott Q. Shupe, who co-owned one of the first marijuana dispensaries in Spokane, argued the state’s medical marijuana law enables dispensaries to supply card-carrying patients, provided they serve just one patient at a time.

In the year+ that would follow we intentionally lost contact with Change after seeing Chris Stevens on TV  from jail saying “its all their fault” (his partners).  I was very disappointed in this and it worried me terribly to see someone not accept responsibility for their own actions.
I know Chris is not very stable in some ways, and I know that the prosecutors really treated Chris’s testimony to their fullest advantage.  I am sickened by what I heard about the trial.  They should have NEVER used Chris’s testimony!


I feel bad that I had to back off.  But as a father with children I couldn’t take a chance that I would be at the wrong end of a gun, or God forbid my children be confronted with such a situation.

I regret not being closer to the situation, and lending more resources to help.  Seeing what happened on Thursday where Scott Shupe was convicted of three felony charges.    I thought to myself “We should have set up a defense fund for him or something”.  Which I honestly think someone close to Scott should really consider about right now.

A day after Scott’s conviction it is being reported in the medical community that providers are getting their bank accounts seized, including and not limited to their business, but also their personal accounts.   (Bank of America seems to be the main link here)

Montana and California have endured several raids from police and though no one seems to be going to jail, computers, patient’s records, cash and medicine are all being seized.  It has been reported that they are even taking titles to vehicles.  It seems that the DEA have been salivating over this for months, as they pounced instantly after the court decision here in Washington on people’s assets.   No raids have taken place that we know of, but we expect the worst based on events all week in Spokane.

MISSOULA, Mont. — Medical cannabis advocates say a memo released from the U.S. Attorney’s office goes against the Department of Justice’s low-priority stance against medical cannabis. The memo was released in February and says the feds will target marijuana traffickers even if they’re doing it for medical purposes.

On a side note, but a related note.  The Washington politicians are getting “terribly worried” about Washington citizens passing a successful citizens initiative.   Which they know will reduce their control over marijuana in Washington, including the control over patients.

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