Memorial of Jenny Kush (Jennifer Friede)

I did not know anything about Jenny Kush over the years.  I had never listened to iCannabis radio, I had never heard her speak.  But for the last few hours I have listen to her shows, and I have gotten to know the late Jenny Kush.

RIP Jenny Kush
RIP Jenny Kush

She was hit by a drunk driver on August 31st, very similar to what happened to me on May 3rd.  Driving on the freeway, and a drunk driver comes at her the wrong direction and hit her head on.   She leaves four kids behind, the same amount of kids that I would have left behind if I had died in the accident that I was in.

It’s crazy that the things some times that we are fighting to cure, some how take our lives.  I am very blessed to be here.  But I morn Jenny and all of those like her, who get their lives ripped away from them by a careless drunk driver.

The cannabis community will miss Jenny, and the world will not continued to be blessed by her infectious laugh.  But her children will carry on her legacy.

I found this donation website for Jenny Kush;

I also found this donation site for her:

(please research both sites, as I do not have inside information to verify either source)

Get to know more about Jenny by listening to her radio show here:


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