Michael Phelps hitting the bong!

Olympic Champion Michael Phelps, who vaulted to international stardom during the 2008 Summer Olympics by winning a record eight gold medals in swimming, has been caught in a very compromising position, according to a report by the British paper News of the World.

Michael Phelps hitting the bong
Michael Phelps hitting the bong

The paper has a photo of Phelps smoking from a bong, a water pipe normally used for smoking marijuana. The alleged photo was taken at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, where Phelps was visiting a female student who he was secretly seeing. The paper’s anonymous source relates that Phelps partied hard each night he was there, which is not out of keeping with other reports of the Olympian since his swimming triumphs.

News of the World also makes the very provocative claim that people representing Phelps tried to snuff out the story and offered the paper extraordinary incentives not to publish their story.

– Article from The Huffington Post.

I don’t like to see another victim of the drug war get defamed or injured by legal charges, or job loss.  This picture with Michael Phelps could cost him is career!
It is time for the world to re-think our drug policies!

It was only a few days ago that Barack Obama’s half brother got busted with pot!

There are 20 million pot arrests in the USA since 1965!  When are we as a society going to grow up?

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