Mike Gravel say Palin has experience?

I was surprised to hear some of the things that Senator Mike Gravel said about Sarah Palin.
For him to say nice things about her is cool.  I like the idea of unity, and bi-partisanship.

However, I can not imagine anyone saying that “[Sarah Palin] has more executive experience than Obama, Biden and McCain.
To me that was more than just a bit of a leap of faith there!

I have supported the “National Initiative for Democracy” in the past, and I think it is a well thought and constitutionally correct proposal.
But I am getting the impression that Mike Gravel is not serious about some of the stuff that he does and says. 
Im going to have call him out as a sell-out, and I don’t know to who or what, just that his judgment is no longer as sound as I once saw it.

Listen to minute 5min thru 6min

I do agree with what he was saying about children.  No body should judge Palin on what her child does.
That is craziness! 
Also about the Democratic party and the war.  The democrats have approved and funded the war from day one.

Anyway, I will have to work on something similar to the NI4D, because I believe in it.  But I have lost a lot of respect for Mike Gravel after that interview.

He was not being objective when he spoke about Sarah Palin’s experience compared to other presidential candidates and the current president.

See Mike’s website here:   http://www.mikegravel.us/

This is Mike on the National Initiative:

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