Mob Mentality over Dan Cathy’s philisophical beliefs on marriage

How lame can people be. Boycotting an entire organization over a philosophical world view that is held by over 6 billion people in the world. Are these people going to boycott every business and every person who supports the Biblical definition of marriage? Sounds like a big waste of time.

I made this video after I saw The Young Turks broadcast on this:

Shall We Boycott Six Billion People because of thier ancient theological ideals? This is in reply to the Young Turks broadcast about Dan Cathy’s statements about the Biblical definition of marriage, and the support for that worldview that Dan Cathy’s expounds in his interviews as of recently.

RE: Chick-fil-A President’s Anti-Gay Comments

My cousin who is in a same sex relationship sent me this tonight as a view into the other side of this story.

I also think it’s interesting how people opposed to Christianity are so ready to condemn Christians and their beliefs, and they condemn Christians because they say Christians condemn others. Isn’t that kind of an oxy-moron?

Check this out. Christian aren’t out their boycotting this guy

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