Mob mentality, religion, activism, politics. Its all the same

In all of my years of life, I have learned one basic fact.  That there is very little that can be accomplished in bureaucracy.
When a group say “We represent all of this, or all of that” is when the problems come in.

I understand that there are many groups out there with good intentions.  I think that many governments, religions and activist groups start out with good intentions.  But when money and power get into the mix, that is when a lot of problems occur.

In history some of the examples of this type of corruption can be well documented.   There are governments all throughout history that we can use, but lets use the German, Russian, and Italian governments of the 1930s and 1940s.
Enough said there.   Mob mentality is the best way to explain it.  People get into a group, and even if they know what they are doing is wrong, or what the party is doing, they will continue to support them kind of like a pro-sports team.
If there is a member of the team who say gets busted for rape or violence, etc.  Even when they admit guilt, for instance Kolbe Bryant.  People STILL have unwavering support and love for the player, not because of their actions, but because they are a part of the team and that team represents them.   This again is mob mentality at is worst.  But it seems to be the norm.

Over the last year I have watched an issue unfold with an awesome freedom fighter and cannabis activist Donna Lambert, who has been continuously attacked in her area by other activist groups.  One of those groups she has named and shown documented PROOF of is the ASA.
Here is some of that from Donna that she posted publicly;
Im not going to relay the claims or the issues, you can ask Donna about that personally if you wish.
Here is a video of her speaking:

I may get something wrong, or report on this inaccurately because I am not directly involved, and I have never personally met Donna.  Donna’s situation is just one example of what I am talking about.

This was posted about an ASA sponsored rally in Spokane:

“ASA doesn’t want us to talk about full legalization at this event, so if you are going to collect signatures I guess you have to do it discreetly, thank you! ;)”

But when I heard that the ASA is sponsoring a rally in Spokane, and that they have asked everyone in attendance to NOT speak about full legalization.  I mentioned what has happened with Donna Lambert with these people, of which Donna has not been shy to post her proof of the problems with them, and I said ASA are chumps. I saw how they treat patients in San Diego.”
I followed up with:
BTW- Donna is in part why I have learned to document these vengeful schemes of fake activists. Donna is a good person, and a great activist. Was named by NORML as Freedom Fighter of the Year.
But the ASA and other fakes have set her up, and attacked this very ill patient in every way you can think of. Seriously, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. Just ask Donna. The ASA has been a part of that attack on her.”

Now maybe I shouldn’t have lumped everyone together like that.  Which I regret in some ways.  However I do feel that way about the ASA and I did not mean to point the finger at anyone that I knew in Spokane.  In fact I didn’t even know that the ASA had members in Spokane.   I also said this before I got a negative response:

Just like any organized lobby group. Mob mentality is a bad thing to begin with. But it’s easy to corrupt such a vulnerable group such as cannabis activists. Thats why i tend to distance myself, so that anyone can hold me personally accountable for everything that I do.
The ASA is always playing these blame games “Oh it wasn’t me, it must have been another member”. Such bullshit.”

Apparently there is a member of the ASA in Spokane, who is someone that I know and who I have even donated Sensible Washington t-shirts too (not as a representative of Sensible Washington mind you).
They said this;


Well now person who apparently represents the ASA,  I have NEVER represented Sensible Washington and I have always said that.  I ONLY represent myself, and I am always ONLY accountable for the things that I do.
But when there is a group of people out there saying “We represents the patients of Washington state”.  Well, I am a patient and I honestly don’t feel at all represented by the ASA.

This is why I like personal accountability rather than mob mentality.

The conversation ended around the time that this was said:


My response is:

“You alienated a WHOLE group of people, because I said I didn’t like what the ASA is doing? THAT is an insult. I don’t represent Sensible Washington. Ive said that on my radio show, and in about 100 of my blog posts. I DO NOT REPRESENT Sensible Washington.

But what if I did? Am I not entitled to my own opinion?”
So maybe I should say it again.  I ONLY represent myself.  No one else.

I have a video of the conversation, because all of these comments were deleted by the other party.   But these comments get sent to my inbox so I have records of them and I made video to document it.  Just like I learned from Donna Lambert when dealing with people like this.

Anyone is welcome to ask me to send it to them, it is a facebook video.

Needless to say (again) I am done with legalization efforts in Washington.  I am supporting the National Initiative for Democracy, which I think is a much better and more direct way of ending prohibition.  I support a National Initiative to end the Controlled Substances act.

Also to the people who I have offended, I have no intentions of apologizing for Sensible Washington, because I do not represent them at all.  But I am sorry personally for offending anyone.  I am sorry that you took it so personally.  But when I said that the ASA are chumps, I could only think of the people who I know of that are in the ASA.   I did not even know anyone in Spokane represented the ASA, and the person who got offended did not mention to me previous to this conversation that they were in the ASA. I imagined this seemingly cruel group of activists in San Diego who are giving Donna Lambert a hard time.
Everyone has their reasons for activism, and sometimes those reasons are less than pure. So I only call it as I see it. But when a cannabis activist group says “do not talk about full legalization at our meetings” that seems a bit suspicious.

The person who got offended owns (or owned previous to the DOJ shutting everyone down) a dispensary in Spokane. To those who don’t support full legalization, I made a facebook group called “Dispensaries – If you don’t support full legalization I won’t support you“. Please give it a look and join up if you feel the same way.

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