Monopolies and the cannabis market

I have heard a lot about how cannabis trade associations are trying to keep cannabis prices high, all while including only those friendly to them in their trade association.
I have witnessed this by reading different events and city council meetings in San Diego and Spokane.

They are creating this oligopoly by requesting and supporting regulation.
Learn more about monopolies here:

Now the main problem with this, beyond the fact that this has a negative impact on consumers is that this will eventually be the reason that big pharma gets cannabis rescheduled and then will eventually take over cannabis and exclude the small ma and pa businesses, meanwhile providing more funding for prohibition.

See this from a San Diego city council meeting featuring Don Duncan (co-founder of the ASA)

This explains to me why the ASA (Americans for Safe Access) is asking for their members to not promote full legalization at their rallies as I personally witnessed in Spokane recently.

See more about this at ** The Weedly News **

Thanks to Donna Lambert for her brave activism!

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