Morality and marijuana is it wrong

We shouldn’t really be having a debate on whether or not something is viewed “wrong” by one person, that it should be illegal for all persons, when the “crime” is a victimless crime, and when there is no other justification from the act to be considered “Criminal” just because it is “wrong”.

Our country was founded on liberty and freedom.  We fought for these freedoms against tyranny and we won.  We won by fighting for what we believe in, at least our brave and determined founding fathers did.

But what we have no is no different than what they fought against to achieve freedom for this nation.

If marijuana is a crime at all, it is a victimless crime.  If we want to get Biblical, then it is obvious and certain that the Bible not only authorizes cannabis usage, but it clearly instructs man to use “every herb that bear seed”..  “for meat”  Genesis 1:29

The Bible also authorizes the use of strong substances.  Deuteronomy 14:26

The fascist that want to run our personal choices and our lives must be taken out of power!   VOTE!!!!

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