More about “Cannabis use is Medical Only” vs. Liberty

Regulations via Medical only  VS  Full Legalization
I explore the idea of “All Cannabis use is Medical Use” and what the restrictions and regulations do to us in this method of trying to preserve our rights.

I disagree that all cannabis use is medical use.   I think that cannabis is no more harmful and needs no more regulations than other common healing herbs.

I spoke a bit about Dr. Timothy Leary vs. The United States.

In 1969 cannabis was completely legal after Dr. Timothy Leary won that fight!
Then came the Controlled Substances Act the following year.

Also see the National Initiative for Democracy @

This is a valid way to reassert our rights as “We the people”.

I hope you get time to watch the video, it’s only 10 minutes long.   Thanks for visiting xCannabis!

Also if you are able, please attend the Art City Days cannabis protest in Springville Utah.

You can get more information at the following links:

Saturday, June 4 · 9:00am – 12:00pm

Springville, Utah

Main St.
Springville, UT
If you want to print and pass out flyers, feel free to download this file and print it out:
Download the FULL SIZE version at this link

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