Mormons are responsible for the first marijuana prohibition?

This is a long and complicated history, but it appears that Utah is responsible for the first prohibition against marijuana in the USA!

I guess it figures, since they prohibit just about everything else.  Coffee (or “hot drink” as it is written), alcohol, tobacco (even though they used to have spittoons in their temples), and a hand full of other common substances.

xCannabis in the Zion Curtain
xCannabis in the Zion Curtain

Read this history, this was the first that I’ve ever read about it.  Marijuana prohibition in the USA started with Mormons in Utah in the year of 1915.

BTW-  When I say Mormon’s, I really mean the Utah State legislature in that year.  Which was entirely made up of Mormon’s.

See this guy’s video on YouTube:

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