There are some very special mothers in my life, who forever changed my life in many positive ways.

For my grandmother who not only raised her kids, but also several of her grandchildren, including partially me.

She is also the same woman who directly saved my life more than once, and let me crash on her couch for years.

Without her I would have never been blessed by my wife’s love, as I would not be here.

My wife has been amazing to love me, support me and especially put up with me. Thanks to her mother for bringing her into this world, and teaching her about the realities and truths of life that most don’t typically understand.

Kimberly has been supporting me doing pot rallies, traveling to conferences and festivals, and being a part of the cannabis re-legalization movement for the last couple of years, not to mention my other causes and blogs over the last 8 years. 
Kimberly hasn’t consumed cannabis in something like 6 years with very few exceptions.  Despite that when I met her, I wasn’t toking and she was.  Now our roles are reverse in that aspect, she doesn’t partake but she supports the cause and believes in the cause just as much as any toker I know.
Kimi allows our family to sacrifice for the shop and for all of the traveling that we do for these rallies to support the cause.

Despite investing all of the money that we had saved into opening Emerald Sun Inc, Kimi supports passing out I-1068 shirts.  We sell a few, then we give a few away, and overall we’ve given away more then we have sold.   Our desire is to get the message out about cannabis, as re-legalization will improve the lives of all people, hands down.  We believe our children will have a brighter future from utilizing this productive and amazing crop.  (everyone will benefit from re-legalization) 
Studies on marijuana curing cancer can proceed and get funding, as well as other medicines made from cannabis.  But most importantly is that re-legalizing cannabis will restore SOME of our freedoms that we have lost in this country.  The government shouldn’t dictate what we put in our bodies.

My wonderful wife learned from her father and mother about cannabis and had her eyes opened to a lot of truth at a young age.  One of the many things that I love about her is that she is conscious and intelligent.  She thinks for herself and she is strong in her convictions.

Lord knows I would love to be able to toke with my wife, like when we first got married.  But Kimi doesn’t even take aspirins usually.  If she doesn’t need it for medicine, she doesn’t use it.  She loves our daughters very much, and I know that a lot of her decision to not consume cannabis, has a lot to do with our children.  She wants to be balance in our relationship, and give the kids things that I can not.

I love and respect her so much, and I am so grateful for her continued love and support.  For me, our children, and for our sustainable future.

Thanks my love!

the family

You are the best!

For mothers who are against prohibition!

I sent this link to my mom today for Mother’s Day;

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