Musings on a 4th Dimension and omnipresence

This is my first xCannabis sermon that I’ve made in a long time.

But while watching Carl Sagan tonight, I found a parallel relationship between our understanding of the cosmos and our understanding of G-d or of an omnipresent creator.

Carl Sagan explains our cosmos and the bending that scientist talk about, or as he explains it “a finite universe without boundries” as a 4th dimension. He uses a tesseract to explain this:

From left to right, the square, the cube, and the tesseract. The square is bounded by 1-dimensional lines, the cube by 2-dimensional areas, and the tesseract by 3-dimensional volumes. A projection of the cube is given since it is viewed on a two-dimensional screen. The same applies to the tesseract, which additionally can only be shown as a projection even in three-dimensional space.

A diagram showing the first four spatial dimensions.
I made a video of my own to comment on how I relate this to Carl Sagan’s theory, and I will upload it sometime in the near future.  But I think Carl Sagan gives a really great explanation about a tesseract which I can plainly relate to a spirit world, or a omnipresence that we are aware of but can’t see.
See Dr. Sagan’s video:

This doesn’t have a lot to do with marijuana, unless you consider that I came up with this while I was hitting the bong and watching Carl Sagan. =)

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