My medical marijuana recommend

I have serious enough medical conditions that I could probably get a medical marijuana recommend in some of the more restrictive states that have medical marijuana laws.  But I have continued to vow to let my recommend expire.

Well we moved to a new location, and right away I need to get some meds.  Well I found a few sources, but it was a pain in the ass to track them down.  So I got my recommend renewed again.

Despite that I have vowed to let it expire.  Despite that I have continually said that I don’t think MMJ laws are helping to end prohibition.

Well, I have now realized with the value of MMJ laws are for me (Thank you very much to the stand up folks who worked on this in the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

Medical Marijuana Laws are similar to a club card that you would get at Costco or BMG music.  You pay a small up front free, and a small yearly fee and you get acess to great selection and sometimes good prices.

I feel like I am still exposed to the paradox in our federal/state relationship.  But not for just possession.  State law allows us to have up to an ounce with only a $100 fine as a penalty if got with less than an ounce (no arrest, no jail, no permanent record).  In some ways the medical marijuana laws (like Prop 215 CA for an example)  help on the side of safe access, and the decrim laws have helped on the criminality problems that came with possession.

So I think at this point California has made the most progress in cannabis law reform at a state level. I also do believe that medical marijuana laws are a helpful part of that.   But I think progress was bound to be made in this state one way or another.

It is necessary to address it on a state level first and foremost because states have their own laws against marijuana.  So if we only addressed it on a federal level, cannabis would still be illegal in many states on a state level.

So please take what I say with a grain of salt.  I do sometimes let emotion get the best of me.  I want the federal government out of our business, but I also would like the states to relax their laws quite a bit.  All states and stateman/stateswoman need to be educated on the values of the cannabis crops (all of the many varieties).

Cannabis does cure cancer, that is known world round. 

Keep up the fight!


This was April 2012 when I spoke about medical marijuana last, and I am always grateful for medical marijuana.
I just think that the government has found ways to even make medical marijuana  work against us.
This is that video:

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