My plea to Utah voters and conscious folks

I have made my pleas to the Utah authorities, and I have some court dates ahead of me for protesting last week.

But as I have always done, as it makes more sense to do.  I am reaching out to the people of Utah.
The authorities have their reasons for prohibition.  But the people should know why cannabis should not be illegal, and how many consequences prohibition causes.  I made this video back in 2008, and there are some links to references below the video.


Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Tobacco 435,0001
Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,0001
Alcohol 85,000 1
Microbial Agents 75,0001
Toxic Agents 55,0001
Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,3471
Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,0002
Suicide 30,6223
Incidents Involving Firearms 29,0001
Homicide 20,3084
Sexual Behaviors 20,0001
All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,0001, 5
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,6006
Marijuana 07

It is also a fact that cannabis cures cancer.

My father and grandmother died from cancer.

See these videos;

Cannabis cures cancer  (breast cancer and other aggressive cancers:

This video is dedicated to my father and my grandmother.

December 27th through January 3rd, Cannabis for Cancer Week

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