New 420 contest!

Posting Contest on X Cannabis forums
Posting Contest on X Cannabis forums

This is the terms of the contest.

If you post 420 quality posts about cannabis   (can’t be spam, and no garbage posts, we remove that stuff anyway)…

You get on of 3 prizes!

1.  Hydroponic grow kit from “General Hydroponics”, the is the “Power Grower eco”, complete with 3 Gallon Growing Chamber, clay rocks, and an airpump and airpump/reservoir.

2.  125w Compact Flourestant bulb and ballast (blue light)

3.  xCannabis Icky Sticky Skateboard deck
Restrictions are that you must be 18 to register and use this site.
If you already have posted here, those posts already count.
xCannabis direct staff will not receive rewards from this contest!
There is no time limits.
Post away!

Register here:

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