New advertising opportunities

I am writing about an advertising proposal that I have considered for one of our Emerald Sun n’ company’s sites.

The advertiser (to remain un-named for now), is a drug rehab clinic.  The website for this company has references to “marijuana addiction”.

I have thought two things.

1.  “This is a conflict of interest for the site

2.  “Everyone deserves a right to be heard.

This is a relevant topic to “drugs”, despite that I do not believe that marijuana is any more addictive than soda, or tobacco, or alcohol, or anything else.   Honestly, I have developed a much stronger habit with drinking soda, than with using cannabis.

So I just wanted to state very plainly, that not every advertiser expresses the beliefs of and/or Emerald Sun Inc.   Everyone’s opinion, whether on the forum, or in the advertising sidebar column are all expressing their own opinions.

We believe in Free Speech.  So post what you want, as long as it’s not spam, hate, or something illegal.  Go for it.

We haven’t made any agreement about the ad, we just have been discussing this.  But we want to make it clear to the potential advertisers for this site, and to anyone currently linked to our site what our beliefs are, and what this site has been posting for years now.

I will just end with this link from Professor John Morgan

We are accepting inquires for text and banner ads now.

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