New direction for xCannabis and Sensi Life

After a long and troubled road that we have driven on this I-1068 and I-1149 petition drive.  We have some sad news and some happy news to report.

So far between last year and this year we have given away almost 250 t-shirts for these initiatives.  We have also promoted the idea of full legalization by holding regular meetings, and last year we had a professional media/sign/t-shirt shop right across the road from Walmart, Home Depot and Rosaurs food at the Y in Spokane, and cannabis was our main theme.


We have been very blessed to have gotten to know many hard working activists like Renata, Dave, Ian, Jared, Don and so many others out there.


So even though we resigned today as coordinators from Sensible Washington, we wanted to not worry about the troubling and hard aspects of what led us to that decision, and instead we wanted to talk about all of the great things that have happened in the last couple of years.


We had the privilege in 2009 to help CHANGE build their business, and we were responsible for designing, and as a result of Change getting shut down, we also developed some open source software that we released for free to help dispensaries run their business legally and to keep records of serving “one patient at any given time”.


Twelve years ago, as a homeless young adult I was blessed to be able to get paid to get signatures for I-691 which started all of this, and ever since then I have been glad to continue with the fight for all of these years, throughout 4 different states.


My wife has been coordinating for Sensible Washington, until last night when we got some threatening calls from someone who desperately wants to be a coordinator, and we decided to step down because as it is we are pregnant and we have bigger things to worry about than some drama queen who wants to be the boss.


We are going to try to continue to help get petitions back, because as it is we don’t trust the person claiming to have all of the authority out in Spokane.  So we are instructing people to send their petitions back that we handed out directly to Sensible Washington at this address:

Sensible Washington – P.O. Box 1184 – Seattle, WA 98111-1184 Phone: 206-707-5502


If you need help with postage or envelopes we will gladly deliver these supplies to you or your business.

We also want to explicitly announce that we do not condone or feel represented by either Britney Lanza or Barbara Kirk.
We remove any support that we have lent to them in any way, and we want our friends and colleagues to know that they are not a part of anything that we have going on in this state or anywhere.   We are in fact rather embarrassed by their conduct and we are removing ourselves as representatives from Sensible Washington directly related to their participation in this petition drive.

We feel that this effort needs to be better represented and in our opinion these two are not representing well.  They certainly do not represent our interests or our efforts!

We are encouraging people to continue to the petition drive though, and as I have been recommending to people, please turn your petitions in directly to Sensible Washington via the address that is printed on the petition.


We are also encouraging people to participate in your local government.  We are aware of petitions that are being circulated around town to have our city council in Spokane to put cannabis criminalization as a lowest priority similar to Seattle, Denver and Breckenridge CO.



We encourage people to participate in the Spokane City Council meetings every Monday at 6pm.

There will be many like minded folks there as well, and the community needs your support.


If you need petitions for I-1149, we still have plenty and are more than willing to get them to you when you need them.


We will continue to have meeting every Friday at 7pm at:   1312 North Monroe St., Spokane WA 99205

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