New Jersey fights for their medicine after waiting a year

The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act  (more than a year later)

In a report from The Daily Targum on March 8th

A disturbing scene  unfolds as after even more than a year after the “New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act passed, patients in New Jersey still do not have medicine.   Because as congressional bills go, when they want to stump progress they just write an enormous amount of complications so that even if something does become unfavorable to them, they get MORE control be en-acting inane complications.

Get this, people have to grow their cannabis to a unfavorable quality in order to reduce THC to 10%.
And is that 10% by total weight of the plant, or just the buds?  Who tests it?
Plus something even more disturbing, that they expect sick and dying patients to drive many miles to a ‘Alternative Treatment Centers (ATC) ‘ one of only six available in the state.

“More than a year later, not a single patient has been able to legally access medical marijuana,” said Roseanne Scotti, N.J. director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

I have continued to reject these house bills, and I think all that they are used for in the case for medical marijuana or decriminalization of cannabis in general that they make these house bills to satisfy the popular opinion and pacify voters and to gain more control over the plant.

We are proud to know one of the activist, he even bought a Sensible Washington shirt despite that he lives in New Jersey.  I love his comment that was quoted.

A.J. Ballinger, an unemployed veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, expressed his disapproval of the proposed regulations.

“I am done,” Ballinger said. “I cannot sit here and wait for you guys to figure out the most lucrative system to be put in place when you’re talking about my mental health, my family name.”

Please support true democracy.  Once again strengthen a government FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE.

I support the National Initiative for Democracy.

Here is another example of a very ‘helpful’ socialistic house bill:

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