New updates for May 2010

We have had a few pressing issues come up in the last month, including a move to a new location.

We have been living in furnished rentals for the past 3 years, and we lived on our yacht which was furnished.
But now that we have moved into a non pre-furnished home, we have been shopping for new furniture to add to the chaos.

Also in our past house we had next to dial up internet.  That prevented me from doing any shows or much of any social networking on the net.

(the video below illustrates why, we lived in heaven, which out of reach for conventional internet sources)

I am back at it now.  I finally have incredible Comcast speeds, plus we have high speed in the shop which is where the xCannabis studio is eventually going to move to.

At our xCannabis studio we will have interviews, and vapor tokeouts.  It’s going to be a good time.  Hopefully by then we’ll be read for doing a once a week cable access show. We are exploring lots of options to get the word out on I-1068.  But as always, life has a way of taking us in new directions all of the time.  Hence the recent move.

Emerald Sun Design Studio’s website is complete, and unfortunately we are stuck with using PayPal, as much as we hate to. 
But PayPal is safe, and self secured.  PayPal’s structure makes it one of the safest methods on the internet for buyers.
But when it’s use PayPal, or don’t accept online payments, we decided to fire up PayPal again.

Our shirts are sent out the next business day on every order, and most of our shirts can be ordered in 10 different colors, 5 different sizes, and at least 10 different styles.  From hoodies to t-shirts, to long sleeves and even Polo’s.

Check out for more info.

We have a chance for people to win Emerald Sun gear from xCannabis.   Scott P from Spokane came in and picked up his custom t-shirt with our “Cannabis is proof” shirts, we custom tailored (cut off the sleeves and hemmed them up) and custom printed a shirt for Scott and Mark, and I was VERY blessed to have them stop by on Monday.  Thanks guys!

We continuously lift you both up in prayer.  Please keep us in yours.

See this post for more information on the contest;

Emerald Sun Contest

We have more ventures on the horizon.  Thanks for your love and support!  Bless up!

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