New video about point of sale and dispensary services

This is a video to replace the one that I posted a few days ago.  Im not dressed as well in this video, and I shot the film on my back porch so it’s a little rustic.  But I think I got my points across better, and I made an advancement in the software that I wanted to share, concerning OpenBravo and the ability to connect a remote database.

On the topic of remote databases.  I just wanted to point out the obvious.   If you’re database and customer information is stored remotely, it is much harder for criminals to come in and take your data.  Or for example, if the FEDS come in for a routine shakeup, and if they take your computer system, then at least they only got computer parts and no customer data.
Both software’s that we offer with our system have the ability to be remotely hosted, both are open source, and both are free.

Here’s the video, thanks for watching!

Also I wanted to announce that we just built  for a friend.  John Parr will be adding content to his site in the near future.  I just wanted to give him a shoutout.  John is a great healer and an RN here in the 509.  Big ups bro!

Apothecary 509

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