News from xCannabis for May 09

xCannabis has been changing and growing in many ways this last week! I finally got my second wind after the new baby and the move!

Marijuana money
Legal Marijuana money

We have implemented a few features that will allow us to grow more, and will allow our contributors to see a part of the pie.

I have been talking about this for a long time, but I have finally put something together that will allow us to do some profit sharing.  That, after all,  is our ultimate goal, to protect pot smokers from stupid urine tests, and discrimination in the work place.  We would like to give creative stoners a place to make money, and stay stoned.

xCannabis has spots at the bottom of each post and each page that will allow a sponsor to contribute to the author of the said blog article.   See this for more information:   Sponsor xCannabis

We have several authors, and we want them to be rewarded too, so for every sponsorship that their post gets, we will send that author 50% of the sponsorship amount.

This way xCannabis can be fair to everyone who works hard to help this movement keep growing strong!

Anyone who is an author of this site qualifies (contact me if you wish to become an author, please provide references).    Each article submitted must be reviewed by the editors before we post it. Please make original materials, and on relevant topics.

Sponsorship starts at $5, and can be any amount upwards. If your post gets a $50 sponsorship, xCannabis will send you a check or a paypal transfer for $25.

Send me an email if you’re interested, and I will get you an agreement for this. So that we can claim these payments on our taxes, and vise versa.

We also have a few openings for some pot podcast people. Anyone who is interested in “potcasting” please let us know. We would like to present a few different channels on our potcast. Profit sharing will be similar to article publishing. We have a nifty toolbar that will help us in this venture now, too.

Check out the toolbar @

xCannabis toolbar and podcast player
xCannabis toolbar and podcast player

That toolbar is new to xCannabis, but I have been testing it for a few months and it is solid.  I’ve looked for information on the company that makes these toolbars possible, and they have a good reputation.   “Conduit”  is the name of the company if you have any concerns.

Make money talking about marijuana
Make money talking about marijuana

With this toolbar we will be streaming podcasts, and RSS feeds from xCannabis and NORML.  Download it and tell us what you think.  Apparently if enough people use it, it will make us money when people use the google search engine that is built into the toolbar.   More money coming in, means that we can advertise in more places, and travel to upcoming protests, etc.  We are also hoping to have a booth at Seattle HempFest this August.

So help us out by downloading and using the toolbar!  It really makes listening to your favorite tunes easier while browsing, including the NORML Daily Audio Stash!

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